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  1. Damit!
  2. SOB!!!
  3. Can you see me now?
  4. I'm about to tear my hair out
  5. People going through my trash!
  6. Oh Hell No! she didnt!
  7. The First Gray Day
  8. Again??
  9. GRRRRRrrrrrrr
  10. WAHA
  11. Effin scammers!
  12. Verizon suks
  13. Don't get yourself a DELL
  14. Grrrr Windoze!!
  15. A vent about a friend..
  16. Well **** Me!!!
  17. Comcast suks too!
  18. Government Bastards!
  19. Pet Food Tainting May be Intentional
  20. URGENT! More Pet Food Recalled -
  22. Vista Sucks
  24. The world is going crazy!
  26. RANT!
  27. If I get one more damn phone call!!!
  28. Bomb Threat...
  29. Damnit!!!
  30. Ok this is WAR!!!
  31. Police officer 'embarrassed' over.....
  32. Can't trust the BBB anymore.
  33. Damn Bitch Poisoned my puppy
  34. FUCK VISTA!!!!!!!!
  35. Another great one!
  36. Who Called Us
  37. So You Think You Arn't Going To Grow OLD??
  38. Well Hell!
  39. Get Real
  40. I can't take it anymore!!!!!!
  41. really very disturbed by this. freaking sickos!
  42. Now I am Pissed!!!!
  43. WTF? This is UNREAL
  45. Ungrateful Bitch!
  46. Comcast can kiss my lilly white a$$!
  47. Big Rant!!!
  48. Law Abiding Pedophile
  49. Sick of people!
  50. Just Had It....
  51. paranoia and new board
  52. I hate car problems!
  53. Reporters can be such a pain....
  54. It takes a village to raise a child-I must be the village idiot.
  55. Paris (bleh)
  56. Diagnostic criteria for 301.0 Paranoid Personality Disorder
  57. Clearing my good name !!!!
  58. I hate it when people don't tell me everything!!!
  59. 9/11 Movie and More
  60. Please tell me this is not for REAL!
  61. numerology broken links
  62. For F**k Sakes....
  63. my job is MINE, not yours!
  64. dialer/bulk responder issue
  65. If its a snake....
  66. virtual or not lets be nice
  68. Mytxt In The open
  69. Mytxt In The open
  70. GRRR I hate time change
  71. OMFG
  72. Church Demostrate At Army Man's Funeral
  73. Sleazy cheater cards
  74. Company spies....
  75. acting a fool, non-texting vent
  76. Nervy biatch!
  77. Another nervy biatch!
  78. Serial Killer
  79. Rude letter from Santa
  80. Let me get right on that!
  81. Stupid Dreamhost!!!
  82. A piece of S**T car
  83. Time Lady gone???? wtf???
  84. Damn Car
  85. Only in my State! lol
  86. See it's official!
  87. niece is a thief
  88. Stupid People
  89. Stupid ME.
  90. 4000 KIA
  91. P*SS*D
  92. Hey My name is Jon The Village Idiot..
  93. Freaking gossiping people, I HATE that
  94. Katrina Victims..Can We do much more to them!
  95. MDG is starting to piss me off, ggrrrrrr
  96. Unbelievable!
  97. SO PISSED OFF!!!
  98. :( :(
  99. Another Child Support Issue
  100. I need to bitch and whine....
  101. F**king Arizona!!..or is it me?
  102. you will never believe what this son of a bxxxx is doing
  103. Stupid Fckin Drivers!!
  104. OMG I dont know what to think!
  105. Nice!
  106. Hating on family members (cousins really)
  107. huh?
  108. Know it all noooooobz!
  109. So frustrated!!!! GRRRRR
  110. Seriously
  111. The Reader Rant. (mostly satire.)
  112. Smelly cat
  113. This Dude Got Me F^&*ed Up!
  114. Son of a bitch!
  115. Nothing in life is free
  117. Man murdered his 3 year old step son
  118. This is getting BEYOND miserable
  119. Venting!
  120. PLEASE AND THANK YOU - they're your friends
  121. Was I not clear the first time on manners?
  122. Why am I working?!!!
  123. Cash Cow?
  124. Why do I do this?
  125. Just a vent.......
  126. Go to bed dummy!
  127. I need advice please!
  128. Stop being lazy!
  129. Maybe I am in...
  130. VONAGE BLOWS!!!!
  131. Pissed and Sad
  132. Lookie! fined AGAIN!
  133. I am pissed and have to vent
  134. Unbelievably angry
  135. Why !!!!!!
  136. Friends - who needs them?
  137. To that f**king **** that hates me...
  138. Where is Caylee Anthony
  139. Double standards and hypocrisy
  140. lso wondering if any of the PSOs have been here
  141. Tired of waiting
  142. melamine in baby fomula
  143. Ppl need to stop giving me crap...
  144. MSN and YAHOO down or is it just ME?
  147. Liquid Milk Recall! Check your shelves!
  148. Why is it that we mom's bash each other
  149. I'm so upset!
  150. Don't say this when you call someone's house
  151. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  152. My first bad webcam customer!
  153. an international agreement to get rid of 95% of the world's population
  154. Stupidity in Politics
  156. Arrested for Going to Church
  157. Make it stop
  158. my bank closed and kept my money
  159. how do you handle being lied about?
  160. yahoo and grouply
  161. Just look at these Morons!
  162. last day at work
  163. just a little rant
  164. Guilt, Sadness and Lots of Questions.
  165. ohhhhhhhhh stupid me~~~~
  166. If the shoe fits
  167. Toddlers forced to fight on tape
  168. offensive
  169. Send The C*ck Suck*rs Packing!
  170. Dont you hate how another female called your phone about a man
  171. My 'friends' suck
  172. Warning: Serious VENT!
  173. You Want a Job? Look here!(Bear in mind the section)
  175. Motherfucking DH
  176. god darn it all to hell fxxx myxxx
  177. Idiot people
  178. Watch out for texting company
  180. WARNING: on FG
  181. No Internet
  182. oh no ruth is back
  183. I'm going nuts now
  184. Stick a fork in me..
  185. I am so sick of the drama I surender
  186. Im out of here
  187. I feel like crying
  188. Man in Santa suit kills 7-plus on Christmas Eve
  189. ENOUGH!
  190. Police set to step up hacking of home PCs
  191. Stupid AT&T!
  192. A Wee mom vent
  193. Email Can Really Mess You Up!
  194. the end of text industry in Australia?
  195. Fed up!
  196. Sick ppl torture deer
  197. what a dildo!
  198. Bush and $2M HOME!
  199. Rant Against Comcast
  200. Lead Law Nationwide
  201. 'World's worst mum'
  202. three-year-old son smoke at home
  203. Neighbor throws pee in yard
  204. PMSBuddy.com
  205. 114 F temperatures where I live
  206. Gang roasts puppies over open fire
  207. Octuplets mom on public assistance and....
  208. Who remembers Drew Peterson?
  209. shocked by this pic
  210. Tonya Harding Has a Chip on Her Shoulder!
  211. Hidden camera in DVD player?!
  212. Oh you stupid, stupid bitch.
  213. California unemployment...
  214. lottery winner
  215. Appeals Court Rules 2257 Constitutional in 6th Circuit
  216. WTF!?
  217. Some Days...
  218. arsenic can give a euphoric high?
  219. Company Rats
  220. Dookie!
  221. Retro Venus
  222. A Listing of the Twenty-One Fabricated Studies by Dr. Scott Reuben
  223. An "I don't know what to do!" vent
  224. anyone following the Fritzl case?
  225. My Co. S*ks
  226. Just need to vent
  227. My boss's wife & kid visit our office every. single. day.
  228. Telemarketers in Australia
  229. They f*ck you at the drive thru!
  230. 'Sexting' Hysteria Falsely Brands Educator as Child Pornographer
  231. PETA Killed 95 Percent of Adoptable Pets in its Care During 2008
  232. PETA wants pets ownership abolished
  233. Mom kills own son at firing range...
  234. PETA asks the Pet Shop Boys to change their name
  235. restaurant meals are pre-disposed to botulism bacteria
  236. Craigslist killer
  237. Baby Shaker iPhone game
  238. OMFG! Bye bye to my already piddly money!
  239. Pot Grower Says Verizon Fios Guy Ratted Him Out
  240. how do you feel about spiders happy fingers?
  241. schoolyard bullies should not be tolerated
  242. No bail for Florida man charged after baby thrown from car
  243. $10-00 a bottle for water for dog
  244. i need to bitch about something
  245. I watched in horror
  246. warning - dont take suvenirs from places you travel to
  247. Calls to jail doctor who cloned dead girl Cady's blood
  248. California high court upholds same-sex marriage ban
  249. Girl, 3, shoots boy, 2
  250. Man Charged With violating Female Live Over The Internet