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  20. Crichton's Description of London/Victorian Times
  21. Pierce, You Motherphlucker, You!
  22. Really doesn't matter which Century does it?
  23. Your Favorite Pearce Manipulation So Far?
  24. Chapter 40, A False Alarm
  25. Chapter 34 The Nose Is Crapped
  26. Pierce Plants a Red Herring
  27. What did you think of The Great Train Robbery
  28. Do you think Pierce was a Sociopath?
  29. The Trial and Escape
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  31. Anyone read any of Chelsea Handlers books?
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  36. I will stop smoking weed if...(a study in emerald)
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  40. The problem with Forbidden Brides..
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  45. Goliath
  46. The day the saucers came
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  48. The Sunbird of Suntown
  49. I_Look_so_good's Book Selection: Black Boy
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  54. I'll ask again lol
  55. Just so you know
  56. He was a black boy but not that black boy.
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  61. BabyBluNova's book selection
  62. Being Human (water for elephants)
  63. Old vs Young
  64. Bookilicious in Feb???
  65. Book Club selection: A Reliable Wife
  66. A Reliable Wife Wk1 discussion-chap 1-7
  67. Absurdity- The Reliable Wife
  68. Which character do you identify with most
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  70. Alex- Who is Ian?
  71. Anyone want to read something by Shirley Jackson?
  72. Wanna Crack One Open?
  73. Wide Sargasso Sea-Jean Rhys
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  76. BBN's Pick: Burial Rites by Hannah Kent
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  79. 'A Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood
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