View Full Version : I just LOVE that man/woman of mine!

  1. Mines been a star this week
  2. Well, mine........
  3. Loving Duke is My Hearts Joy
  4. My Man Is GOLDEN!
  5. Getting Ready To Move On?
  6. Happy Mothers Day in UK
  7. My avatar
  8. My hubby just made me homemade chicken soup
  9. He bought me a new
  10. Totally in Shock! In a Good Way!
  11. OMG What He bought ME!
  12. For my sweetie that takes care of me on my adventures
  13. Proposal ideas??
  14. I love him!
  15. Mountain Experience
  16. Valentine's Day!
  17. My man earned his gold star last nite....
  18. The hotness that is I Has Texticals.
  19. Flowers!!
  20. Just to brag!
  21. I has texticals, all this and he cooks, too!
  22. Any Fire Fighter Hubbies?
  23. ok my turn
  24. Too bad this guy is off the market
  25. What about lesbians? I have a girlfriend.
  26. Wedding plans
  27. Aww :)
  28. While I was on an extended business stay
  29. I know its Christmas and all but..
  30. Sir is amazing!!!
  31. Just because
  32. LOL too cute
  33. He never bakes but...
  34. Married 72 years
  35. Operation: Success :)
  36. Today....
  37. VD day
  38. He's deploying..
  39. New to This...
  40. My partner is amazing
  41. I love my fellow aspie!