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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:ontoilet On Toilet On Toilet
:thank3: thanks3 thanks3
:shocked: shocked/scared shocked/scared
:up: thumbs up thumbs up
:pop: popcorn popcorn
:mbasket: basket basket
:bowing Bowing Bowing
:puter: puter puter
:bawlin: Crying Crying
:squash: squash squash
:onphone On Phone On Phone
:thank4: thank4 thank4
:rollseyes: rolls eyes rolls eyes
:scared: scared1 scared1
:sleep: sleeping sleeping
:motorcycle: bike bike
:press: press press
:ipod" ipod ipod
:speedskating Speed Skating Speed Skating
:luv: love love
:jigdance: dancing a jig dancing a jig
:nailpolish Nail Polish Nail Polish
:thank5: thank5 thank5
:baby: Baby Baby
:roadrage: roadrage roadrage
:money: money money
:car: car car
:santac: santac santac
:situps: situps situps
:sleeping Sleeping Sleeping
:farttub Fart Tub Fart Tub
:icecream Ice Cream Ice Cream
:strut: strutting strutting
:lovesong Love Song Love Song
:thank6: thank6 thank6
:nervous: nervous nervous
:hibye: hi or bye hi or bye
:beer: beer beer
:bike: biker biker
:speedskater: sskater sskater
:singing2 Singing 2 Singing 2
:inlove In Love In Love
:OG: yeah boy! yeah boy!
:lovers Lovers Lovers
:friends: friends friends
:drool: drool drool
:freez: freezing freezing
:walkdog: walkdog walkdog
:hmm: hmm hmm
:snappy: snappy snappy
:singing Singing Singing
:music: music music
:loveletter Love Letter Love Letter
:campfire: campfire campfire
:bubblebath Bubble Bath Bubble Bath
:crystalball: crystalball crystalball
:down: thumbs down thumbs down
:idontknow: idontknow idontknow
:callme: callme callme
:whoohoo Whoo Hoo Whoo Hoo
:devil: Devil Devil
:yuck: yuck yuck
:lifeguard Life Guard Life Guard
:ff: ff ff
:nono: no no no no
:embarrassed: embarrassed embarrassed
:spag: spaghetti spaghetti
:charge: charge charge
:weights Weights Weights
:depress: depressed depressed
:sushi: sushi sushi
:sewing Sewing Sewing
:whew: whew! whew!
:grad: grad grad
:bored: bored bored
:voodoo: voodoo voodoo
:911: 911 911
:toohot Too Hot Too Hot
:bow: not worthy not worthy
:busymom: busymom busymom
:poker Poker Poker
:biker: Biker Biker
:inlove2 In Love 2 In Love 2
:vomit: vomit vomit
:stnick: santaclaus santaclaus
:chef: yumy yumy
:tongueout Tongue Out Tongue Out
:angel: innocent innocent
:plucking Plucking Plucking
:thank: thank thank
:holadancer Hola Dancer Hola Dancer
:tongue: nyah! nyah! nyah! nyah!
:karate: karate karate
:cry: cry cry
:coffee: coffee coffee
:idea: idea idea
:gogglyeyes Goggly Eyes Goggly Eyes
:hot: hot hot
:pirate Pirate Pirate
:turk: turk turk
:suspicious: suspicious suspicious
:helpu: mayihelpyou mayihelpyou
:jumprope Jump Rope Jump Rope
:chips: chips chips
:tantrum: crybaby crybaby
:remember: remember remember
:sprinkler Sprinkler Sprinkler
:laughin: Laughin Laughin
:sick: sick sick
Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:weed 033 033
:sex4 sex004 sex004
:mastur mastur mastur
:wow signs130 signs130
:happydance1 happydance happydance
:smiley8 sm111 sm111
:truce: gen164 gen164
:tomato: tomato tomato
:drama1 drama1 drama1
:wasn'tme signs044 signs044
:walk walk walk
:taunt4 taunt004 taunt004
:dance: dance005 dance005
:confused: Confused Confused
:titanic p_titanic p_titanic
:sucks level1_don017 level1_don017
:bow1 bow1 bow1
:baaa signs014 signs014
:scared101 scared101 scared101
:coolphotos signs154 signs154
:spitball Spit Ball Spit Ball
:angry0 angry017 angry017
:christmastree christmas_tree christmas_tree
:happy3 happy032 happy032
:mex 028 028
:sex sex001 sex001
:magic1 magic1 magic1
:I'mnewhere signs116 signs116
:Eeek Eeeeek Eeeeek
:smiley6 sm29 sm29
:dp-ny dp-ny dp-ny
:shithappens signs038 signs038
:trump trump trump
:taunt2 taunt002 taunt002
:cool7 cool17 cool17
:applause: applause applause
:yougotserved level1_don021 level1_don021
:bondage1 bondage1 bondage1
:yeahthat signs011 signs011
:scana scana scana
:thankyou signs153 signs153
:woo1 woo woo
ROFL happy030 happy030
:snowfun 110 110
:scared3 scared003 scared003
:madcow1 madcow1 madcow1
:goodone signs115 signs115
:skelrun Running Skeleton Running Skeleton
:drink eatdrink008 eatdrink008
:help: gen147 gen147
:hippie: :hippie: :hippie:
:doggyst doggyst doggyst
:peace signs037 signs037
:treadmill treadmill treadmill
:d'oh signs125 signs125
:cool2 cool11 cool11
:;: Wink Wink
:xmastree xmastree2 xmastree2
:smartass level1_don014 level1_don014
:boat boat boat
:Dito signs009 signs009
:quake quake quake
:badgirl signs144 signs144
:hehe: LOL LOL
:laugh3 happy029 happy029
:nosoup: no soup no soup
:lurking lurking lurking
:Eeeew signs113 signs113
:flame char005 char005
:funtime party049 party049
:smoke: gen145 gen145
:housekeeping: housekeeping housekeeping
:dance222 dance222 dance222
:merryxmas signs032 signs032
:teabag teabag teabag
:sex22 sex022 sex022
:confused13 confused013 confused013
::): Smile Smile
:bumps: bumps bumps
:whatever level1_don009 level1_don009
:blingg blingg blingg
:goodluck signs003 signs003
:popcorn111 popcorn111 popcorn111
:Google: signs142 signs142
:goodstuff pot1 pot1
:laugh2 happy024 happy024
:snow 51 51
:bat rpg029 rpg029
:lol03 lol03 lol03
:goodjob signs107 signs107
:bravo1 bravo bravo
:margaritas1 margaritas margaritas
:shots: eatdrink048 eatdrink048
:sun: sun sun
:deadhorse deadhorse deadhorse
:bornlost signs031 signs031
:suv suv suv
:sex17 sex017 sex017
:confused4 confused004 confused004
:santa6 santa6_e0 santa6_e0
:ass1 level1_don001 level1_don001
:beatles beatles beatles
:thanx signs001gif signs001gif
:poke03 poke03 poke03
:ebay: signs141 signs141
:popcorn1 popcorn popcorn
:laugh1 happy001 happy001
:shameonyou rolleyes005 rolleyes005
:laundryy laundryy laundryy
:WTF signs0103 signs0103
:aww awwwman awwwman
:beer2 eatdrink009 eatdrink009
:vikking: vikking vikking
:5devil 05 05
:cru1 cru1 cru1
:havefun signs027 signs027
:surviv surviv surviv
:sexx: sex0199 sex0199
:dishwasher: chores004 chores004
:holly holly_swing_md_wht holly_swing_md_wht
:cloud9 happy082 happy082
:bday11 bday11 bday11
:sick5 sick005 sick005
:pirate1 pirate1 pirate1
:brainfart signs140 signs140
:shades Shades Shades
:owned1 owned owned
:hello1 happy020 happy020
:cook pot pot
:flaming: flameme flameme
:kissit kissit kissit
:I'mSorry signs085 signs085
:agree agreed agreed
:wine: eatdrink007 eatdrink007
:22bdsm 22 22
:copcar copcar copcar
:willworkforgold signs026 signs026
:stfu stfu stfu
:killcomputer violent002 violent002
:wash: chores003 chores003
:hoho hoho hoho
:laugh: happy097 happy097
:bath1 bath1 bath1
:sex20 sex020 sex020
:p_welldone p_welldone p_welldone
booboo signs139 signs139
:noway1 noway noway
:happynewyear greet012 greet012
:oops1 oops oops
:fighting: fight fight
:jumpin jumpin jumpin
:PLEASE signs083 signs083
:yikes yikes yikes
:angry10 angrycrowd angrycrowd
:smileyfamily bsmiley bsmiley
:cheers: eatdrink004 eatdrink004
:elvis: elvis elvis
:American idol 11 11
:clapp clapp clapp
:funnyshit signs025 signs025
:spam4 spam4 spam4
:fastcar transport001 transport001
:lolsp: LOL! LOL!
:pot: char089 char089
:pals: happy067 happy067
:rightbackatya 068 068
:sex15 sex015 sex015
:p_soapbox p_soapbox p_soapbox
:I'mLost signs137 signs137
:nicethread1 nicethread nicethread
:merrychristmas1 greet008 greet008
:party1 music012 music012
:contract: contract contract
:htub htub htub
:partytime signs082 signs082
:HI b_hi b_hi
>>:)) raiseroof raiseroof
:charley charley charley
:coool signs021 signs021
:smokinchikin smokinchikin smokinchikin
:toilet7 toilet07 toilet07
:busted1 busted busted
:DollarBill DollarBill DollarBill
:bighug happy065 happy065
:sayhellotomy 066 066
:sex14 sex014 sex014
:oops11 oops11 oops11
:evillaugh signs136 signs136
:kneelfools kneel kneel
:merrychristmas greet005 greet005
:radio music003 music003
:newthread: newthread newthread
:grpa grpa grpa
:&*%#@& signs066 signs066
:wiggum wiggum wiggum
:shithitthefan whacky086 whacky086
:smiley1 abasmiley1 abasmiley1
:dance13 dance013 dance013
:happybirthday6: Happy Birthday 6 Happy Birthday 6
:cantsl cantsl cantsl
:blah: signs017 signs017
:sexbed sexbed sexbed
:tv talk015 talk015
:swimming Swimming Swimming
:bday1 bday bday
:singrain happy053 happy053
:sing 034 034
:sex10 sex010 sex010
:newsmile new_smile_colors1 new_smile_colors1
:bump signs133 signs133
:nothingtoadd justwanted justwanted
:smiley10 sm116 sm116
:christmas: greet004 greet004
:moon massmoon massmoon
:freak1 freak1 freak1
:weirdthread signs045 signs045
:wav wav wav
:taunt10 taunt010 taunt010
:dance7 dance007 dance007
::(: Sad Sad
:bunny bunny bunny
:scbus scbus scbus
:strip1 strip strip
:angry8 angry018 angry018
:happy2 happy039 happy039
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:green_monster_5: Green Monster 5 Green Monster 5
:8_1_225: 8 1 225 8 1 225
:pumpkina2816: Pumpkina2816 Pumpkina2816
:halloweenpotion Halloween Potion Halloween Potion
:greenmonster4: Green Monster 4 Green Monster 4
:pumpkin4: Pumpkin4 Pumpkin4
:booo boo boo
:green_monster_3: Green Monster 3 Green Monster 3
:pumpkin2: Pumpkin2 Pumpkin2
:witch: rpg011 rpg011
:runskel Run Skeleton Run Skeleton
:green_monster_2: Green Monster 2 Green Monster 2
:witch Witch Witch
:pumpkin: Pumpkin Pumpkin
:skelcoffin Skeleton In Coffin Skeleton In Coffin
:green_monster_1: Green Monster 1 Green Monster 1
:trick_treat3: Trick Treat3 Trick Treat3
:halloween5 Halloween 5 Halloween 5
:mummy465: Mummy465 Mummy465
:skeleton Skeleton Skeleton
:ghostscary: Ghostscary Ghostscary
:spider343: Spider343 Spider343
:skullhammock Skull Hammock Skull Hammock
:jack1a3: Jack1a3 Jack1a3
:skeldancing Skeleton Dancing Skeleton Dancing
:frank: Frank 5aW Frank 5aW
:skullspin65: Skullspin65 Skullspin65
:deathvalley Death Valley Death Valley
:halloween04: Halloween04 Halloween04
:skeljump Skeleton Jumping Skeleton Jumping
:eyeball: Eyeball Eyeball
:skull: Skull3543 Skull3543
:ghostscary ghostscary ghostscary
:skeletonhanging Skeleton Hanging Skeleton Hanging
:halloween02: Halloween02 Halloween02
:skullfinger Skull Finger Skull Finger
:witchh witchh witchh
:pump: pump pump
:678766: 678766 678766
:devil3 devil03 devil03
:sheetghost: Sheetghost Sheetghost
:halloween6 Halloween 6 Halloween 6
:green_monster_7: Green Monster 7 Green Monster 7
:skullkick Skull Kick Skull Kick
:56856: 56856 56856
:scary_face5: Scary Face5 Scary Face5
:halloween7 Halloween 7 Halloween 7
:green_monster_6: Green Monster 6 Green Monster 6
:waveskel Skeleton Wave Skeleton Wave
:6786: 6786 6786
:pumpkins43: Pumpkins43 Pumpkins43
:coffins coffins34 coffins34
Happy Halloween
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:halloween8 Halloween 8 Halloween 8
:halloween1 Halloween 1 Halloween 1
:halloween2 Halloween 2 Halloween 2
:halloween3 Halloween 3 Halloween 3
:halloween4 Halloween 4 Halloween 4
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:sexywelcome6 Sexy Welcome 6 Sexy Welcome 6
:sexywelcome7 Sexy Welcome 7 Sexy Welcome 7
:sayhi 98 98
:groupwelcome: welcome2 welcome2
:sexywelcome2 Sexy Welcome 2 Sexy Welcome 2
:kittywelcome: catwelcome catwelcome
wflower wflower wflower
:sexywelcome1 Sexy Welcome 1 Sexy Welcome 1
:welcomebasket: Welcomebasket Welcomebasket
:welcomeback: welcomeback welcomeback
:sexywelcome3 Sexy Welcome 3 Sexy Welcome 3
:welcomelips: welcomelips welcomelips
:welcomecat: Welomecat Welomecat
:welcomefly: Welcomefly Welcomefly
:sunwelcome: sunflower welcome sunflower welcome
:welcometulip: welcometulip welcometulip
:wellcomesp: Welcome! Welcome!
:welcome2: welcomecat welcomecat
:welcomekitty1 Welcome Kitty 1 Welcome Kitty 1
Welcometype Welcometype Welcometype
:hello!: hello hello
:sexywelcome4 Sexy Welcome 4 Sexy Welcome 4
:sexywelcome5 Sexy Welcome 5 Sexy Welcome 5
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:congrats: congrats congrats
:welldone: welldone welldone
:congrats2: Congrats! Congrats!
Happy Birthday
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:happybirthday3: Happy Birthday 3 Happy Birthday 3
:happybirthday1 greet002 greet002
:hppybday: balloon bday balloon bday
:happybirthday4: Happy Birthday 4 Happy Birthday 4
:hunkbday: hunkbday hunkbday
dog10: Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
:happybirthday7: Happy Birthday 7 Happy Birthday 7
:bdayrose2: bdayrose2 bdayrose2
:bdayrose1: bdayrose1 bdayrose1
:bday: Happybday Happybday
cat27: Happy birthday Happy birthday
:happybirthday5: Happy Birthday 5 Happy Birthday 5

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